Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Lighthouse Communications is committed to corporate social responsibility and as a firm we are devoted to ‘doing the right thing’. We endeavour to operate in an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable manner.

The team at Lighthouse Communications is an embodiment of our CSR strategy and is acutely aware of our responsibility to participate in a meaningful way within society. Take a look at our operations as a responsible business, and how we support our clients, the public and one another.

Welcome org help

Volunteering in Belfast

Volunteering our services isn't just limited to PR, marketing and communications. Our employees actively volunteer their time to deserving causes and worthy projects across the local community.

Lighthouse Communications has been a helping hand for the Welcome Organisation on many occasions, visiting their drop-in centre to lend a helping hand with clothes collections, food delivery and in the adjoining retail unit.

Welcomeorg sleepout

'The Big Sleep Out' Fundraiser

To mark World Homeless Day, Lighthouse Communications took part in 'The Big Sleepout', an annual event aimed at raising awareness of those who aren't fortunate enough to have a roof over their heads.

The sleepout challenged people to spend one night sleeping outdoors and in turn, raise vital funds for the Welcome Organisation, a local charity that provides on the ground support for people affected by homelessness.

Members of our team joined 50 other individuals from local businesses for the event, and together raised over £15,000 for the Welcome Organisation. This valuable donation will help ensure the delivery of potentially life-saving services in and around Belfast city centre.


Get Diggin' with Business in the Community

Through our membership with Business in the Community Northern Ireland, we got our green fingers dirty during National Allotment Week to help a West Belfast women's centre.

Footprints Women's Centre runs a community garden which not only grows fruit and vegetables for the social supermarket on site but also provides volunteering opportunities for local women and a chance for social interaction and relationship building.

Our team were priveleged to spend some time there working with the staff on maintaining this service which greatly benefits residents in the area.

CAM award

 Student Sponsorship with Ulster University

Investing in people to realise their full potential is something we are wholly committed to here at Lighthouse Communications. That starts internally with our talented team but it also stretches to the talent of tomorrow.

Each year, we sponsor the prize for the 'Best First Year Student' on the CAM and CMPR courses at the University of Ulster, giving the recipient the chance to gain first-hand experience in the thriving, fast-paced environment of an award-winning PR agency.

At Lighthouse, we know when our people grow, we grow too as a business. That is why nurturing, retaining and attracting the bright minds of tomorrow is a key element in our CSR strategy.