Social Media

Offline campaigns developed by the Lighthouse Communications team aim to generate conversation, interaction and engagement amongst a target audience.

And that is exactly what our creative, online campaigns achieve through new media such as social media, the impact of which cannot be ignored by businesses.

Through social media clients can listen to what their customers are saying and engage with them in a helpful and timely manner that will assist with driving sales and enhancing brand loyalty. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ are excellent ways to share client messages with stakeholders not just in Northern Ireland, but across the world.

As an award winning ‘Crisis Communications’ team, we are well equipped to ensure all interaction on the social page is dealt with calmly and professionally.

Our creative minds promise fun, interesting, engaging content allowing clients to generate their social footprint and build an online community with stakeholders.

Lighthouse Communications

is an award winning, full service public relations agency based in Holywood, just outside Belfast. Our team has vast experience devising and implementing PR & Communications strategies for companies and organisations representing all sectors of the economy.