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Rainbow Telecom is an independent business telecoms company,

Mobile going green...



Eric Carson, Director of Rainbow Telecom, Northern Ireland’s largest independent business telecoms company, discusses 'green' mobile phones.




Mobile Going Green...


Protecting the environment may not be something you are personally concerned with in your everyday life, but perhaps your company is keen to make a difference and make an effort to save our planet.

If the latter is the case your office is no doubt home to a rainbow of coloured recycling bins....

But has your company considered, or even thought about, how mobile phones can be incorporated into its ‘green’ programme?

The increasing demand for greener alternatives in all aspects of our lives cannot be ignored and luckily enough the leading mobile companies have recognised and responded to this demand.

But how are they doing this?

Nokia and Sony Ericsson have eliminated all toxic chemicals from their products which may be harmful to the user. They have also supported a call to ban other compounds which may prove harmful to the user.

Nokia also took the lead to incorporate solar panels into mobile handsets to test ‘on the go’ charging. This could be the most useful invention of the decade if this takes off!

Phone makers have also developed alternative ways for us to easily recycle our mobile devices. In many cases users simply have to return the handset to a designated address.

However, the hard work only begins once the handset has been returned. Recycling mobile phones is not an easy (or cheap) process. In fact, the biggest cost of recycling mobile devices is the labour costs associated with taking the phones apart and separating the hundreds of components.

Despite these costs, phone companies are still committed to putting the effort into their ‘green’ responsibilities. They are aware that failing to deliver this could result in lost customers and therefore lost money.

They are also aware that as it is a relatively new aspect of the business they have the opportunity to become a market leader whilst maintaining their corporate responsibility role.

Whilst these ‘green’ phones are targeting an extremely niche mobile audience, the customer base is one that is likely to grow as we become more and more aware of the environment around us, and as pressure builds from industry and guidelines require more eco-friendly products.

These types of initiatives are, however, sure to appeal to companies wishing to affirm their responsibility and commitment towards the environment. It may not be easy but it is possible. And as it is an extremely competitive industry it may not be too long before we witness solar panelled phones!

Eric Carson is Director of Rainbow Telecom and can be contacted at and more information about Rainbow Telecom can be found at